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About me

South East Asia was the inspiration which led me on a path to complementary health.  Massage and natural remedies are part of everyday life in this region. Knowledge and wisdom are passed down from mother to child throughout the generations.  


While conventional and western methods are extremely valid I feel it is important to look after our health with the most natural, tried and tested methods available. I believe preventative treatment is key to physical and mental quality of life and longevity.  


I qualified in 1994 and have now been practicing as a therapist for over 16 years.


I first trained at the Raworth Centre of Sport and Natural Therapy and more recently at St Mary's University College, where I specialised in sports massage.The treatments I offer include Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage.


I now have a wealth of experience having worked in luxury spas, fitness centres and clinics.  I regularly treat a large cross section of clients including; athletes, the elderly and the infirm.


In order to gain optimum results I work 'holistically' with my clients, considering not only their presenting symptoms but also their lifestyle, diet, physical and emotional health. Aftercare is also provided and plays an important part in the treatment.


These treatments can be used to aid existing health issues or simply to maintain a healthy physical and mental equilibrium.

Emily Winmill

ITEC, Raw.Dip., VTCT