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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an ancient form of massage working mainly on the head, neck, face, back and shoulders.  


It was brought from India to the U.K. by Nehandra Mettha in the 1970s.


The movements vary from gentle to vigorous which can noticeably increase circulation and decrease mental and physical tension.

How Indian Head Massage may help you...

Relief from Headaches and Migraine

Improved condition to the hair and scalp

Improved alertness

Deep sense of relaxation

Looseness and better range of movement in neck and shoulders

Chest and lung tightness can be relieved

Thinning hair and hair loss

Stiff jaw/ grinding teeth

Eye strain

Following a short consultation you will be seated on a comfortable stool.  The treatment begins with some deep inhalations, the oil is applied and worked into the upper back neck and shoulders using a variety of massage techniques.  The head and scalp is then worked on without oils.  You will then be asked to relax on the massage couch, the treatment concludes with pressure point massage to the temples and face. This treatment may be performed fully-clothed without the use of oils.

The Treatment...