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Specific points on the feet and hands known as 'reflex ' points relate to different areas of the body.


When the reflex points are stimulated with finger and thumb pressure it is thought the associated areas may be re-balanced, via nerve endings and energy path ways.


Reflexology is an ancient therapy using pressure point technique on the feet (or sometimes the hands) to create balance and harmony throughout the entire body and mind

Reflexology can be helpful in aiding many disorders but is also an excellent therapy for maintaining good health. These are just a few conditions that Reflexology may treat:-


Lack of energy

Digestive Disorders

Fertility difficulties

Immune deficiency

How Reflexology may help you...

The Treatment...

Following a short consultation you will relax on the treatment couch, the feet will be thoroughly worked over using powder as a medium.  The treatment will be finished with a relaxing foot massage using natural oils.

Reflexology takes its roots from ancient civilisations; the Egyptians, North American Indians and the Chinese all claim to have used foot manipulation to promote good health.  


More recently the American doctor, William FitzGerald developed Zone Therapy. Around 1872 he discovered that by applying pressure to one area of the body an anaesthetic effect could be created in another.  

Eunice Ingham (1879-1974) used FitzGerald's methods and finally documented a map of reflex points found on the feet which could be used therapeutically.