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Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

These are a few conditions where sports/deep tissue massage may be beneficial:-

Aches, pains or stiffness affecting the back neck, shoulders and limbs

Poor circulation



Repetitive strain injury

Poor posture



Following a short consultation, the relevant areas will be massaged; stretches may also be incorporated into the treatment.


"Massage eliminates the waste products of nutrition and the poisons of fatigue"

                     Galen (A.D. 129 - 216) Greek Physician


How Sports/Deep Tissue Massage may help you...

The Treatment...

A scientific-based therapy used to manipulate soft tissue.  Pressure, speed and intensity of strokes are varied to produce specific results.

Massage increases the blood flow providing oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissues.  


Natural toxins that have built up are released and carried away, muscles return to a more balanced state, which may enhance physical performance, increase range of movement and prevent injury.

This treatment is not just for individuals who play sport, it is for anyone who may be experiencing discomfort during any activity including sedentry occupations.  It is always wise to consult your doctor if you are in pain or have difficulty moving.